Portrait Parties

We are pleased to introduce an exciting new concept in portrait photography! Especially with the current state of the economy

Portrait Parties........


A new twist on "tupperware parties, Mary Kay sessions" etc~ Portrait Parties are a fun opportunity to have beautiful professional images of your children and a chance to get together with other friends and just have fun. There is NO SESSION FEE. The event takes place at your home, where the children are comfortable and natural. As Host, you will invite 5-12 guests and their childern to the event. The host will receive a complimentary small portrait package and percentage of the earnings from print orders.

You, and each guest family, will be scheduled for a 20 minute child's photography session. In that time period, I will capture roughly 15 images of your child(ren), family or whatever the theme is in a "studio" environment. During each guest's 20 minute session, images of groups, individuals or a combination of both can be taken. Guests are not required to be there the whole time so if you can only show up for your scheduled time slot that is fine otherwise take it as a time to get together and mingle.

To start with available dates will be limited monthly and will fill up quickly, so if you are interested in hosting a Portrait Party please contact us as soon as possible! For more information on Portrait Party events, please don't hesitate to give us a call: 406-581-3088. You can also email: astfurtography@gmail.com

                                                  NO SITTING FEE
                                                  ONLINE PROOFING
                                                  NO buying at the party (no pressure~NO Sales Gimmicks)                                                   NO obligation to purchase

                                                   Very reasonable prices
                                                  Credit Cards accepted (via PayPal)
                                              Hostess receives rewards from orders


We ask that you provide a suitable space for creating professional photographs (we can even do outdoor locations) and the following:

You will be required to invite a minimum of 5 guests to participate in the event, with a maximum of 12 guests. I would recommend provide a few hors'doeuvres for your guests. You may plan your event on any day of the week between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Your guests photography sessions should be scheduled 20 minutes apart. Try to eliminate gaps in the session schedule (sessions should run consecutively just to keep things flowing). Your guests are not required to stay for the duration of the party.

I will provide invitations and envelopes for you to fill out and mail (email invitations are also available). I will arrive 1-2 hours before the event to set up the session area and equipment. One background will be available (most likely white). It is best for the session area to be located in a room away from the rest of the party (prevents the children from being distracted).

The guests will view their proofs online, within 1 week after the event. Proofs will be available for viewing for 15 days. Each guest will receive a print order form at the event. The host collects print orders during the 15 days the proofs are online (orders must be paid when they are placed). I will accept cash, LOCAL checks, (check from any bank, Visa, and MasterCard via paypal to moosemama3@gmail.com) Thank you!

What are the benefits to hosting a Portrait Party?
When you host a portrait party and have 5 or more guests, you will receive a complimentary 1-8x10, 2-5x7 and 8-wallets of your choice of one pose. In addition, you will receive portrait rewards based on the total party's sales. You can earn additional rewards if your guests decide to book a full portrait session or portrait party of their own.

$0-300 = $75 print Credit
$300-600 = $ 150 Print Credit
$600-up = $ 300 Print Credit


During your 20 minute session images of groups, individuals or a combination of both are possible. You may want to include yourself in the photographs. When your reserved time arrives, please bring only your children being photographed into the session area.

The proofs will be online: www.astfurtography.com within 2 weeks of the Portrait Party. I will let your host know as soon as they are ready to be viewed. Your proofs will be online for a period of 15 days.  

Your host has been gracious in her arrangements for this event, so please place your order within the 15days they are online. She will be collecting all orders, and distributing the prints to you when they are ready (approximately 1 weeks after the total order is submitted). Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to create great images from your life.


Portrait Party - Basic Price: $25.00
1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7

Portrait Party - Family Price: $50.00
2 - 8x10, 4 - 5x7, 16 Wallets

Add'l Prints:
Wallets (4) Price: $9.99
4x6 Print Price: $4.99
5x7 Print Price: $9.99
8x10 Print Price: $19.99
11x14 Print Price: $29.99
16x20 Print Price: $49.99  
Photo Greeting Card Set (20) Price: $49.99
CD of portraits purchased in web ready size: $20
CD of all photos full resolution and reprint rights: $99


Prior to the event:
 Fill out and mail/email invitations. Please allow 2-4 weeks advance notice.
 Prepare guest list with date and time slots.
After guest time slot schedule is complete, email to A Southern Touch FURtography.
 Remind guests of their start time.

Day of the Event:
 Prepare photography area (move furniture if necessary).
 Prepare guest area.
 Prepare food and drinks.
 Dress child(ren) for portrait session.

During the event:
 Ensure that children are ready for their session 5 minutes prior to time slot.
 See that each guest receives an information packet.
 Remind guests that proofs are online for 15 days only.

When proofs go online:
 Be available to help guests decide on images and prints, and place their orders.

 After receiving all your guests' orders, review each order form to be sure everything is filled out as it should be.
 Check that all orders have payment attached.
 Calculate the orders
 Please deliver the orders to me as soon as possible so I can begin processing your guests' orders.
 Orders must be completed before being processed (including payment).

When orders are received:
 I will contact you when everyone's orders are ready and deliver them to you.
You are responsible for contacting your guests and ensuring that they receive their prints.

CLOSING NOTES:  Portrait Parties are FUN!!!!  Fun for Seniors, Families, Babies, and friends!  Great for birthdays, holidays (Valentine's Day, Easter, Mom/Daughter's for Mother's Day, Christmas)!  The possibilities are endless!!!  

Host a portrait party, and earn free Portraits, Holiday cards and Gifts from ASTF. A convenient way to get free photos during Holidays or anytime of the year.