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Gift Registry

Have you ever received a wedding or baby shower invitation  from a relative or old friend
 you haven't seen for years ... and experienced the gift dilemma?

Bride and Groom maybe you just need a little help in paying for lifetime memories
 of your special day or are already set up for housewares?

New moms maybe you want something a little more special than diapers, blankets and onsies?

What can you send someone who you really don't see enough to know
 what is needed. That's the whole concept behind the Gift Registry.

Couples register their gift wishes at local department stores, and gift buyers can wisely choose the best possible item the couple desires.
Wedding photography registry can help you increase your budget for photography services while offering a convenient gift-giving solution for your guests. Your gift will not only be well-received, but will provide a life-long artistic memory. So instead of "stuff", you get lasting memories of your special day together. 

Once a gift registry request has been established gift certificates can be created with your own customized  message. 

In the end one of the most cherished possessions one will have is that special new moment in life captured.  Wouldn't it be nice to be part of this lasting memory
~Guests~Gift Givers~

The Registry items of today are very different than in the past. Current wedding couples may no longer require household items because they have been housekeeping for a number of years. This is where the wedding photo gift registry is an exciting idea!

The  photo gift registry allows guests to purchase images and books for the wedding couple/new parents. This is a gift that will not be returned! The gift buyer may simply call our office to place an order or search for their name on the list below and click to send your special from the heart gift.

Once receiving a photo gift registry request, we will either credit the amount to the account of the nuptial couple/new parent(s) with a note informing the couple who presented the gift, or the gift-giver may present the photo card personally to the couple. An ultimate gift idea for those out of town guests who don't have a clue (or won't be able to attend) what the wedding couple/new parent(s) may desire.

Instructions for Giving a Gift: 
Find the last names of the couple whose registry you’d like to contribute to and click on the link.  You’ll be taken to a Paypal payment page where you can enter the amount you’d like to contribute–you can choose to pay any amount that you would like!  Enter your shipping address so that we can send you a gift certificate to present to the happy couple!
  • Your name
  • Your address, for mailing the gift certificate
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail for confirmation
  • The names of the bride and groom/new parent(s) for whom you are purchasing a gift certificate
  • What you would like displayed in the “from” field on the gift certificate (your name, company, co-workers, group- etc)

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