Renee Olsen grew up in Powell, Wyoming.  Was homeschooled and proceeded on to attend NYIP.  She worked for PCA
National until 2006 when she decided officially to start her own photo business focused on Quality Portraits at a Reasonable price.  She is a mother of three human children, 2 fur children and married for 15 years.

 Renee has much love for nature, inner spirituality, spending time at the local pet shelters, and time spent with
her family.  Homeschools all 3 of her children and loves to travel so dont be afraid to ask even if you dont
live right in Bozeman-Helena areas.

Personally has a strong love for photography and always has since childhood.  Thru losing many loved ones...one
being the most dear person .her father - realized just how short life is and just how much tomorrow is never a
guarantee.  I don't do photography to get rich, simply because I love to preserve memories.  I try
to keep things personal and inexpensive so everyone can afford special moments.  After losing a dear old girl
after 13 wonderful short years hast chosen to make her business focus on pets.  Well behaved humans always
welcome whether for babies, seniors, weddings, maternity etc feel free to call and place your request.  I believe
that each dog, cat and any other domesticated animal is just thrilled to teach his/her people about life. As a
photographer, I am thrilled to capture the essence of these lessons with my camera, for everyone to see. Beauty,
honesty, humor and the unconditional love that animals bring into our homes can be photographed quite beautifully

 I hope that my photos will inspire you to give me a call with invitation to create exciting portrait of your
own furry friend or that special day in your life even if it is a just because moment. My mobile studio will come to location of your choice - indoors or out.

Where did the name come from??? That is something that is asked all the time. Started out as another name to be a
partnership but we knew we would always split it somewhere down the line. Before things really got going for us
we decided it would be easier to split NOW and team up on larger events if the other was available. We are good
friends and didn't want to ruin the friendship between us. My husband made a comment so who is keeping the name
or since she lives more northern colorado and us southern colorado call it north and south "company name". I said
that was dorky and went on about my business I was doing and actually in the back of my head was thinking well
what about when we split one of us is w/o a name really and for all intense purposes starting over. I grew up in
Texas the first part of my childhood and have always been facsinated with the life a southern person lived esp in
the days of Gone with the Wind era and at the time was living in southern Colorado and my love for pets, Pris
getting sick...well with that a Southern Touch FURtography was born.

Is also an Affliate Photographer for 2 years now for the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation based
out of Colorado.  For more details on this wonderful nonprofit organization go to www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org

You may see some of my work on my BLOG

I may be reached  via email: astfurtography@gmail.com

If I had to sum this up business wise....
Basically I am a Storyteller Photographer.  I try to tell the story as it unfolds in real life with my camera.Depending on the session type of sessions I do no more than 2 sessions per day. Weddings never more than one a day in case the day of the wedding you decide last minute you need me longer you know I can be available to meet your needs.  This has happened more than once so don't be afraid to ask. I want to ensure everyone gets quality time.