Is it time for new Business Cards...Here is a current special going to help you out:)
NO JOKE....Im doing a trial of my services for those who are engaged. So that means you get a totally free watermarked E-pics shoot for no charge! I am doing these freelance for you so that you can sample my service! Have questions? Read below the answers are here.

No obligation to buy
No Cost at all for the shoot NONE!
Just show up and Please cancel 24hr if needed.

What is needed?
Two People
A symbol you are engaged
Approx 1hr of time for the shoot.
Name of contact
Phone Number of contact
Email address

Questions and answers?
How much do we have to pay? NOTHING
What if we decide to use your services? You'll get 25% off if you purchased the photos on disc
How long does it take to get the photos? 1 week on Disc 2-4 days online
How long have you been a photographer, professionally~ 5 years, got my first camera at 15 yrs of age and been shooting since
Whats your email:
Where does the shoot take place? around Bozeman at this time
How much are your engagement shoots normally? 75.00
Do you have a website?
How do I get started?

Email me: | Subject: Free epics promotion

Simple as that!

Try Me out! Already sold? Email me at and let me know you want to book with me. Upon signing you will receive a December, January Bonus!

Renee Olsen

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Join us Fridays and Saturdays until Christmas at 220 S Wallace at Harringtons Attic for an additional 10% off these already fantastic savings.  If these days don't work for you that is ok too as on location out doors winter shots are awesome too!!
I am offering a very special holiday card package this year for you to share with all of your friends and family!

For just $75 you will receive a family portrait session and 25 personalized 2009 holiday cards.

You will be able to choose from many holiday borders and frames! Also included with this package is a 'ready to print' disc with 5-10 edited images of your lovely family!

Need more than 25 cards? No problem! Get this package with 50 holiday cards for just $95!! Also with this option you will receive a disc and a traditional 8x10 portrait of your choice!

For each set of 25 cards extra needed please add $20

Book a session for November and be first in line to have your holiday cards in the mail! It will be that time before you know it!!